Become an It Works Loyal Customer

When you become an It Works Loyal Customer you’re signing up for a lifetime of your favorite It Works health and wellness products at discount pricing. Are you ready to get your It Works products and body wraps wholesale? If you enjoy the idea of easy automatic shipments of any combination of It Works Body Wrap Applicators, It Works Greens, It Works skin care products, and more with no strings attached, you are the right fit for our It Works Loyal Customer Program.

What is an It Works Loyal Customer?

Whether you’ve been purchasing our It Works health products online for years, or are a first-time shopper, you can become a Loyal Customer and instantly enjoy the rewards. The It Works Loyal Customer Program stays consistent with the overall goals of the It Works Global brand– helping you achieve your personal health and wellness goals by making It Works products easy to purchase, customized to the individual, and most of all affordable, so you can begin changing your daily routine into the It Works Lifestyle! The It Works Loyal Customer Program provides customers the option to make repeat orders easily, at incomparable discounted prices.

Perks of Becoming a Loyal Customer with It Works

It would be hard to justify why you wouldn’t want to become an It Works Loyal Customer. There is no hidden agenda–we just love our It Works customers so much that we want to make your It Works experience as beneficial as possible. All it takes is a few simple steps during the checkout process and you can instantly reap It Works rewards. Loyal Customers enjoy the It Works product discounts on your very first order, with no minimum purchase or waiting period. Take a look at the It Works Loyal Customer benefits you receive:

It Works Health Products and Body Wraps at Wholesale Prices: As an It Works Loyal Customer, you will instantly receive special discounts and rewards. Our exclusive pricing on products and shipping for Loyal Customers is reason enough to want to join. You’re already buying, so why not save money?

Flexible Automated Shipments: The Loyal Customer Program allows you to receive automated monthly shipments of the It Works products you love, so you don’t have to waste time shopping online when you need a refill. Automated shipping ensures you’ll never run out of your favorite It Works health products.

Free Shipping: After 3 consecutive months of auto-shipments, Loyal Customers receive FREE SHIPPING!

Discount It Works Products for Life: Once your 3-month commitment is up, that doesn’t mean you stop being a valued It Works Customer. Whether you choose to continue the automated monthly It Works orders or not, once you sign up as a Loyal Customer, you will be eligible to receive our It Works health products and body wraps wholesale for a lifetime of healthy living.

Personalized to Fit Your Health and Wellness Needs: ItWorks Global makes it easy to customize your online orders, providing you with a unique customer log-in to the It Works online store where you can change your monthly order at any time. You can opt for virtually any single product or a combination of It Works body wraps, skin care, and nutritional supplements to suit your unique personal care needs each month.

Earn Loyal Customer Perk Points: As part of the It Works Loyal Customer Program, you are eligible to receive exclusive It Works Perk Points upon your first purchase. It Works Loyal Customers earn a percentage off of orders in the form of It Works “Perks Points,” and you’ll be eligible to redeem these points for money off your monthly It Works product orders for every point applied. If you choose to remain on auto-shipments for 6 consecutive months, you receive 50 Perk Points FREE! As an added bonus, after 12 months on auto-shipments, Loyal Customers will be granted a bonus 150 Perks Points FREE!

Can I Cancel My Loyal Customer Membership?

The It Works Global team is so confident in our It Works products and commitment to excellent customer care, that we are certain you won’t want to cancel your Loyal Customer membership. That’s why whether you stay on the automatic monthly It Works product orders for more than the 3-month obligation or not, you’ll still receive It Works Loyal Customer benefits and discounts forever. If you choose to stop auto-shipments before the 3-month period, that’s ok! We only charge a one-time $50 fee. We want to be as transparent and hassle-free as possible with our customers because YOU help make the It Works Global brand possible.

As your Independent It Works Distributor, my job is to make your It Works purchasing process fun and easy. For more information on how to become an It Works Loyal Customer contact Amanda Trout today!