Meet Ronne

It Works Ronne Testimony

Ronne Empowers Family & Friends to Work Hard and Dream Bigger with It Works!

Ronne has always had a passion for helping other women look, feel and do their best in life. Back when she was a makeup
stylist, one of her salon customers introduced her to It Works and she knew right away it was going to be the perfect fit. “It has become my purpose!” she says. “Now it’s about me helping women get their confidence up and create a home business.”

In four years, the busy wife and mom has built a wildly successful team that has allowed her to retire her with husband Dario and spend more time with their four children. “We’ve created a seven-figure income, and we have paid off our debt,” she says. “And we bought our dream home, with a pool in the back.”

When her mother was laid off from her job just before retirement, Ronne was able to step in and cover her bills. “That has truly been the most rewarding thing,” she adds. “I didn’t want her to have to worry and to be out looking for a job.” Thanks to It Works!, she no longer has to split her time between a 9-to-5 government
job and her salon. “I own my time,” Ronne says. “It’s given me the confidence to know I don’t have to work for anyone else.”

Her success has also motivated her children. “My kids want to be entrepreneurs now,” she says. “They help me and I take them to events, so they can see that they can grow their own business. It Works has done so much for us.”

Meet Stefani & Joel


Stefani & Joel Find Ultimate Joy in Giving Back with ItWorks!

Stefani and Joel find ultimate joy in giving back. In 2009, longtime entrepreneurs Stefani and Joel were dealing with the stress of bankruptcy and wondering what would come next. They had lost their businesses due to the economic slowdown and were relying on charity food lines to get by. After hearing about It Works! and That Crazy Wrap Thing™, they recognized all the makings of a profitable and exciting venture.

“Joel saw it really quickly,” Stefani says. “I think once I saw the results of the Wrap, I knew we had our hands on something amazing.” From day one, they were all in, committed to growing their team and showing others how to build a successful at-home business. Today they have achieved the rank of Black Diamond and enjoy a lifestyle defined by personal and financial freedom. “When you ask me what I do, I say I can teach you exactly what I do and you can have the same lifestyle,” Stefani says. “You can have free time. You can travel where you want, when you want!”

The best part is having the time and finances to improve other people’s lives, Joel says. “We went from being on the receiving end of charity to having the ability to give back,” he says. They are particularly excited about being one of the major benefactors of a private school in Uganda, which serves about 400 students, including 150 who are orphans and live at the facility full time. “We got to go there and see the school,” Stefani says. “That was an incredible
feeling.” They say that ability to serve is what motivates them to keep sharing the It Works! opportunity. “We have a responsibility to go out and share this with other people,” Joel says. “Our legacy isn’t going to be about how much money we made. It’s about how many people we’ve helped.”

Meet Sherilynn

It Works Testimony

Sherilynn Makes Family & Faith the Major Focus of Her It Works Business

Put a goal in front of SheriLynn, and she’ll likely blow right past it and start planning her next challenge. Whether it’s being a mom to her girls or growing her It Works! business, SheriLynn goes all in. “You make time for the things that can change your life,” she says. “I believe you have to see the dream, believe in it, pray for it and then work for it.”

Although she joined It Works just to earn a little extra money for Josselyn’s dance classes, the decision literally transformed their family finances. “I quickly realized I had landed on a gold mine,” she says. “Who doesn’t want to tighten, tone and firm? And we have a first to-market product. We have no competition. That’s huge!”

Today they enjoy a financial freedom she never thought possible. “My husband still works, but now he works because he wants to,” says SheriLynn, who lives in Texas. “We are debt free, and the pressure is off!” The best part is being able to fund church missions and other charitable efforts. “This business has given us a way to give more, live more and save more,” she says. “We were able to give back and tithe more in the first year of It Works! than in the last 10 years of our marriage. That was such a huge eye-opener.”

SheriLynn also believes her success in It Works is sending an important message to her daughters. “I want them to know they can do whatever they put their minds to and that they can dream big,” she says. “Before It Works, I had really stopped dreaming, and now we’re dreaming without limits!”

It Works Product Testimonies

Real Results for Real People --It WORKS!

Interested in It Works products, but need to hear or see to believe it really WORKS? Here are some It Works Results from real people, with no agenda, just super satisfied customers.

“After I had my son I was put on antidepressants. I have severe anxiety and couldn’t put him down or leave the room. I would cry at the slightest thing. My hubby called me out to our doctor and I was put on medication. I did not want to be put on medicine as I should’ve been happy because I was finally a mom!! Well, after being on Greens and Confianza for 4 months, I was taken off of them and I’m happy as a clam! […] Now I only take Confianza when needed for stress. I mean, I do have a toddler!” — Jennie


My mom went through a traumatic surgery last year and was one life support for a week and in ICU for 5 weeks after that. Her hair was falling out in wads because the trauma shocked her body. She saved Ziplock bags full of hair each day and was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said “that’s expected” after a traumatic time like she went through. She started taking [Hair Skin Nails] and within a week her hair wasn’t coming out as much, and after 2 weeks it completely stopped falling out.” –Angelique

“Here’s my before and afters. I was on medication and PCOS [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome] was making me lose my hair. [It Works] Hair Skin Nails has made it grow back thicker and longer!” –Skyler

“I’m 38 and was on BP [blood pressure] meds for 2 years for high resting heart rate and high BP. It’s genetic. After 6 months taking Greens and It’s Vital [Core Nutrition] my doctor took me off meds! My cholesterol levels are also normal now!” — Courtney

“I dropped my cholesterol from 266 to 205 using Greens, It’s Vital Omega-3, Greens Chews, and the [It’s Vital] Core Nutrition along with watching my fat intake and exercise. No meds for me and totally shocked my doctor!” –Kelly

It Works for Men Results
It Works Body Wraps Results
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It Works Body Applicator on Legs

“My mom takes [It Works] Relief on a daily basis and she loves it. Before, she had to take pain killers daily. She has been taking Relief for 3 weeks and she reduced her pain killers to once a day and sometimes she goes 2-3 [days] without medicine.” –Adriana

“My hubby has Osteoarthritis and boy, has [It Works] Relief given him his life back! He had been going to pain management for injections to help with the pain but that was useless. Then we were introduced to [It Works] Relief and he is now active and enjoys life again.” –Denni

It Works Wipe Out Wrinkles Results
It Works Skin Care Results
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It Works Stretch Marks Results

If you want results like these, or still need further convincing that It Works products can transform your lifestyle into a happier, healthier, YOU, contact Amanda Trout today for more information on how you can become one of our It Works success stories!

Meet Thomas Hughes

Men Love It Works Too!

Thomas Hughes is a Team USA Kickboxer, two-time North American Champion, and successful MMA Fighter. Thomas also uses & sells It Works products as an It Works Distributor. He is just one example of how It Works for both women and men, and how widespread the It Works Lifestyle has become! 
Thomas and his wife, Ashley, have an incredible story about their ItWorks journey. One of the most unique ways ItWorks has helped them was by allowing the couple to spend time as a family when their young son became ill and eventually passed away. Without the ability to work from home, and have the flexibility and financial freedom It Works allows, Thomas and Ashley would not have been able to dedicate their time to being with their son during his final days as well as grieve together without having to struggle through going back to work after the tragedy. 
To hear more about their incredible story, watch the video below!

Meet Sara

Sara is Living Proof the It Works Lifestyle WORKS!

“I was diagnosed Hypothyroid after my first baby. (It was pregnancy induced). Normal thyroid should be between .4 & 4. Mine was 174! No joke. I had gained 20 lbs in just a couple of months AFTER having my first baby. I had terrible brain fog. I was lethargic and depressed and didn’t even realize it. I will be on synthroid for the rest of my life now. After that, I couldn’t lose a pound to save my life. I hired an amazing trainer, (he really was great!) paid him a ton of money, and did a 12 week long Bootcamp last fall. 6 days per week at 6 am. Hard-core biggest loser style work outs. Cut out all alcohol and anything artificial or packaged. Ate “clean” for 12 weeks. In the end, I lost 1 jean size, toned up, and was down a whole 4 lbs! I was in tears and so defeated. 4 lbs?!?! So I quit the working out. To be honest I haven’t since. I should, I know its important but hey, I’m busy selling this crazy wrap thing! Ha! Fast forward to February. I started on the [It Works] Fat Fighters, ThermoFit, and Greens. By April I was down 15lbs. No crazy exercise, no all-protein shake diets. Just eating like a normal person would and adding the New You at night and Regular 2x per week. (People that are hypothyroid are not regular and that can stop results). I used to cry to my doc and beg him to give me something that wouldn’t throw my thyroid off even more. So I didn’t tell him about ItWorks until he saw me and said wow! What are you doing? Your numbers look that best that I’ve ever seen them! So I blitzed him and he said well obviously “It Works” because you’re doing great! He says he would look into the products and I wondered if he really would. That was quite a few months ago… but he kept his promise. I was happy to hear him endorse the ingredients when he called! So cool!