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Interested in It Works products, but need to hear or see to believe it really WORKS? Here are some It Works Results from real people, with no agenda, just super satisfied customers.

“After I had my son I was put on antidepressants. I have severe anxiety and couldn’t put him down or leave the room. I would cry at the slightest thing. My hubby called me out to our doctor and I was put on medication. I did not want to be put on medicine as I should’ve been happy because I was finally a mom!! Well, after being on Greens and Confianza for 4 months, I was taken off of them and I’m happy as a clam! […] Now I only take Confianza when needed for stress. I mean, I do have a toddler!” — Jennie


My mom went through a traumatic surgery last year and was one life support for a week and in ICU for 5 weeks after that. Her hair was falling out in wads because the trauma shocked her body. She saved Ziplock bags full of hair each day and was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said “that’s expected” after a traumatic time like she went through. She started taking [Hair Skin Nails] and within a week her hair wasn’t coming out as much, and after 2 weeks it completely stopped falling out.” –Angelique

“Here’s my before and afters. I was on medication and PCOS [Polycystic Ovary Syndrome] was making me lose my hair. [It Works] Hair Skin Nails has made it grow back thicker and longer!” –Skyler

“I’m 38 and was on BP [blood pressure] meds for 2 years for high resting heart rate and high BP. It’s genetic. After 6 months taking Greens and It’s Vital [Core Nutrition] my doctor took me off meds! My cholesterol levels are also normal now!” — Courtney

“I dropped my cholesterol from 266 to 205 using Greens, It’s Vital Omega-3, Greens Chews, and the [It’s Vital] Core Nutrition along with watching my fat intake and exercise. No meds for me and totally shocked my doctor!” –Kelly

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“My mom takes [It Works] Relief on a daily basis and she loves it. Before, she had to take pain killers daily. She has been taking Relief for 3 weeks and she reduced her pain killers to once a day and sometimes she goes 2-3 [days] without medicine.” –Adriana

“My hubby has Osteoarthritis and boy, has [It Works] Relief given him his life back! He had been going to pain management for injections to help with the pain but that was useless. Then we were introduced to [It Works] Relief and he is now active and enjoys life again.” –Denni

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If you want results like these, or still need further convincing that It Works products can transform your lifestyle into a happier, healthier, YOU, contact Amanda Trout today for more information on how you can become one of our It Works success stories!