Man Dare

Man Dare

Health and Wellness Products for Men

Do You Have What It Takes For The It Works “Man Dare Challenge?”

REAL men care about their health, which is why It Works has developed the “Man Dare” product packs. Our health and wellness products are for men AND women of any size, shape, age, or ethnicity. It Works Global has decided to DARE the skeptic men in our lives who have the false impression that It Works is for just women, to take our “Man Dare Challenge.”  

It Works body wraps, skin care, nutritional supplements, and essential oils are created to help EVERYONE achieve maximum health and fitness results. Unfortunately, many alternate personal healthcare product lines are geared towards a specific demographic or gender. We often hear the question, “Are there It Works health and wellness products for men?” The answer is YES! ALL of our  health, fitness, and beauty products are created to be safe and effective for BOTH men and women!  

Our It Works Global teams are trying to break the mold and stomp out misconceptions, which is why we are encouraging men of all ages to unlock the MAN, the MYTH, and the LEGEND inside of them, using our It Works “Man Dare Stacks”. Think of these as a starter kit to your personal health and wellness goals. Even the strongest, toughest men around–including bodybuilders, pro athletes, and MMA fighters–have become believers in the It Works Lifestyle and rep the Man Dare products with pride!

If you are looking for the ideal health and wellness products for men, take the Man Dare Challenge today, and start WINNING your health and fitness goals!

Contact It Works Distributor, Amanda Trout, and say you are up for the Man Dare Challenge!