Meet Sara

Sara is Living Proof the It Works Lifestyle WORKS!

“I was diagnosed Hypothyroid after my first baby. (It was pregnancy induced). Normal thyroid should be between .4 & 4. Mine was 174! No joke. I had gained 20 lbs in just a couple of months AFTER having my first baby. I had terrible brain fog. I was lethargic and depressed and didn’t even realize it. I will be on synthroid for the rest of my life now. After that, I couldn’t lose a pound to save my life. I hired an amazing trainer, (he really was great!) paid him a ton of money, and did a 12 week long Bootcamp last fall. 6 days per week at 6 am. Hard-core biggest loser style work outs. Cut out all alcohol and anything artificial or packaged. Ate “clean” for 12 weeks. In the end, I lost 1 jean size, toned up, and was down a whole 4 lbs! I was in tears and so defeated. 4 lbs?!?! So I quit the working out. To be honest I haven’t since. I should, I know its important but hey, I’m busy selling this crazy wrap thing! Ha! Fast forward to February. I started on the [It Works] Fat Fighters, ThermoFit, and Greens. By April I was down 15lbs. No crazy exercise, no all-protein shake diets. Just eating like a normal person would and adding the New You at night and Regular 2x per week. (People that are hypothyroid are not regular and that can stop results). I used to cry to my doc and beg him to give me something that wouldn’t throw my thyroid off even more. So I didn’t tell him about ItWorks until he saw me and said wow! What are you doing? Your numbers look that best that I’ve ever seen them! So I blitzed him and he said well obviously “It Works” because you’re doing great! He says he would look into the products and I wondered if he really would. That was quite a few months ago… but he kept his promise. I was happy to hear him endorse the ingredients when he called! So cool!