Meet Sherilynn

It Works Testimony

Sherilynn Makes Family & Faith the Major Focus of Her It Works Business

Put a goal in front of SheriLynn, and she’ll likely blow right past it and start planning her next challenge. Whether it’s being a mom to her girls or growing her It Works! business, SheriLynn goes all in. “You make time for the things that can change your life,” she says. “I believe you have to see the dream, believe in it, pray for it and then work for it.”

Although she joined It Works just to earn a little extra money for Josselyn’s dance classes, the decision literally transformed their family finances. “I quickly realized I had landed on a gold mine,” she says. “Who doesn’t want to tighten, tone and firm? And we have a first to-market product. We have no competition. That’s huge!”

Today they enjoy a financial freedom she never thought possible. “My husband still works, but now he works because he wants to,” says SheriLynn, who lives in Texas. “We are debt free, and the pressure is off!” The best part is being able to fund church missions and other charitable efforts. “This business has given us a way to give more, live more and save more,” she says. “We were able to give back and tithe more in the first year of It Works! than in the last 10 years of our marriage. That was such a huge eye-opener.”

SheriLynn also believes her success in It Works is sending an important message to her daughters. “I want them to know they can do whatever they put their minds to and that they can dream big,” she says. “Before It Works, I had really stopped dreaming, and now we’re dreaming without limits!”