Meet Stefani & Joel


Stefani & Joel Find Ultimate Joy in Giving Back with ItWorks!

Stefani and Joel find ultimate joy in giving back. In 2009, longtime entrepreneurs Stefani and Joel were dealing with the stress of bankruptcy and wondering what would come next. They had lost their businesses due to the economic slowdown and were relying on charity food lines to get by. After hearing about It Works! and That Crazy Wrap Thing™, they recognized all the makings of a profitable and exciting venture.

“Joel saw it really quickly,” Stefani says. “I think once I saw the results of the Wrap, I knew we had our hands on something amazing.” From day one, they were all in, committed to growing their team and showing others how to build a successful at-home business. Today they have achieved the rank of Black Diamond and enjoy a lifestyle defined by personal and financial freedom. “When you ask me what I do, I say I can teach you exactly what I do and you can have the same lifestyle,” Stefani says. “You can have free time. You can travel where you want, when you want!”

The best part is having the time and finances to improve other people’s lives, Joel says. “We went from being on the receiving end of charity to having the ability to give back,” he says. They are particularly excited about being one of the major benefactors of a private school in Uganda, which serves about 400 students, including 150 who are orphans and live at the facility full time. “We got to go there and see the school,” Stefani says. “That was an incredible
feeling.” They say that ability to serve is what motivates them to keep sharing the It Works! opportunity. “We have a responsibility to go out and share this with other people,” Joel says. “Our legacy isn’t going to be about how much money we made. It’s about how many people we’ve helped.”