Meet Thomas Hughes

Men Love It Works Too!

Thomas Hughes is a Team USA Kickboxer, two-time North American Champion, and successful MMA Fighter. Thomas also uses & sells It Works products as an It Works Distributor. He is just one example of how It Works for both women and men, and how widespread the It Works Lifestyle has become! 
Thomas and his wife, Ashley, have an incredible story about their ItWorks journey. One of the most unique ways ItWorks has helped them was by allowing the couple to spend time as a family when their young son became ill and eventually passed away. Without the ability to work from home, and have the flexibility and financial freedom It Works allows, Thomas and Ashley would not have been able to dedicate their time to being with their son during his final days as well as grieve together without having to struggle through going back to work after the tragedy. 
To hear more about their incredible story, watch the video below!